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Our team of specialists at TWFACS pride ourselves on our speed of response and our experience in repairing all brands of air conditioning.  A call out to use will ensure your systems are up and running quickly and we are transparent with our progress and our costs through the process.

Common Air Conditioning Symptoms

Our team of experts specialise in air conditioning repairs in St Alban and the surrounding areas.  We will identify the problems with your system quickly and accurately. Every unit and problem is unique, however, we have the experience and knowledge to identify the most cost-effective solutions to repair your system for you.    Here we list a few common symptoms that can show your air conditioning unit may require repair or maintenance.

Unpleasant smells

Is your system giving off unpleasant smells?  This is a common issue and can be caused by the growth of bacteria. This normally occurs when the water tray within the unit is unable to drain the moisture from the system.


Leaking water

This is a very common issue especially with some older systems and our experienced engineers can normally fix this fast.

Not cooling

If your unit is not cooling effectively this could be down to a gas leak. Our team will do all the necessary tests to identify the problem and quickly resolve it.

Gas leak

A leak of the refrigerant gas in your system can often lead to it not working altogether. Call TWFACS and our engineer will locate and repair the leak.

Ice is appearing

A temperature fault and leaking in your system can lead to ice appearing on the unit. Usually, when our engineers are called to this kind of problem they will carry out a deep clean to find the leak and fix it.

Increased bills

A build of dirt and debris in the system means the unit will have to work a lot harder to carry out its basic cooling and heating functions.  This would result in higher energy bills and can easily be avoided by regular services.

Simple 3 Step Repair Process


Contact us via phone, email or our contact form. Once we have received your enquiry we will get in touch immediately to discuss details of your issue to ensure we fully understand what might be the problem and enable us to prepare a fast solution.


We are normally able to visit our customers within 48 hours of registering their problem. We will schedule a time convenient to you. We also offer a priority maintenance scheme that ensures we are onsite with you within 24 hours.


All our engineers hold a huge number of parts in their vehicles to enable us to solve your problem in the fasted time and usually the same-day.

Are you in need of a repair?