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From initial site survey through to design and air conditioning installation, leave it to TWF air conditioning services to work with you, in order to find the best solution that works with your budget.

At TWF we have a solution for every situation whether it is a break down, emergency repair, servicing or new installation

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There are several elements to consider in order to work out which air conditioning system is right for your circumstance. The most important element is to make sure that the specific unit is capable enough to efficiently heat or cool your room. We often find competitor quotes to be calculated by the supply of a unit that is totally inadequate to actually fulfil the desired job.

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  • Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioning Unit

    4-way blow cassette (recessed) 4-way blow cassette (under-ceiling) 1-way blow cassette (“mouth organ”) Either recessed into the ceiling or free-standing, the Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioning Unit can direct air throughout the entire room if located centrally, or in a single direction. Thermostat-driven and with remote controls. Available either as part of a split or multi […]

  • Flexible Air Conditioning Unit

    The Flexible Air Conditioning Unit can be fitted to a wall or ceiling, and includes an automatic air flow director to ensure comprehensive coverage. Typically features silent operation and quiet modes. Top-brand air conditioning units including the Toshiba R32 air conditioning unit.

  • Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Unit

    High or low-level wall mounted air conditioning unit. Designed for simple, standalone use or as part of a larger system, these units control the temperature in room with directed heat and cooling. Fully automated and with optional remote controls. Wall mounted units can be installed either as part of a split or multi system.

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