Commercial Installation

Your workforce will perform less effectively and less efficiently in extreme temperatures. When temperatures are too high, fatigue and the risk of accidents increases, when too low, concentration levels fall. TWFACS are here to help.

Comfortable workspace

Healthier workspace

Better working environment

Commercial air conditioning and heating systems are essential for creating the optimum working environment.  Installing comfort cooling/ heating systems which maintain a constant comfortable working temperature of 21c means businesses can gain significant benefits on their bottom line.   Research shows that by creating the correct environment productivity can be increased by as much as 20% due to increased concentration, improved health and general well-being of employees.

Key Benefits of Climate Control in the Workplace

Reduced energy costs

Improved productivity of employees

Improved environmental performance in the workplace

Reduced environmental impact

TWF Air Conditioning Services gives you the power and flexibility to control the climate in your office, room-by-room if necessary, with automatic, thermostat or manual control to create the ideal working environment for you and your staff.

Larger-scale solutions include concealed, ducted air conditioning systems which distribute cool air throughout an entire building, clean-room solutions for computer systems, curtain units for shops and restaurants, ducted distribution for large commercial premises.

Our experienced team will conduct a complete site survey to identify  the right air conditioning system for your circumstance. The most important element is to make sure that the unit is capable of efficiently heating or cooling your room. We often find competitor quotes to be calculated by the supply of a unit that is totally inadequate to actually fulfil the desired job.   TWFACS will provide you with detail quotation to meet your needs. Whether you’re at the planning stage and only have architect’s drawings, have started construction, or have just moved in, get in touch today.