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TWF air conditioning services with look after your complete project from the initial site survey through to the in-home installation.  We pride ourselves on offering the best service and solution to suit your budget.

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Air Conditioning units for homes

Our St Albans based specialists installers are here to provide you with the best air conditioning unit to suit your needs.   Our units help provide better sleep during the hot summer nights and ensure that our products are the most energy-efficient on the market.  Air conditioning units are not simply cooling solutions but are also effective heaters for your rooms.  Did you know that running an air conditioner to heat your room is far more cost-effective than conventional radiators?

We will guide you through the main considerations when choosing a product to suit your home such as the number of rooms, dimensions, aesthetics and the layout and of course the cost implications of all of these.

Our team will discuss your needs and recommend the best, most efficient and cost-effective solutions to suit you.  Call us today for your FREE no-obligation survey.

Wall mounted

The most common units in a domestic home are the Wall mounted air conditioners. The main advantages are that these units can be high or low level mounted and are designed to be used as a stand-alone solution or part of a larger system.  They are cheaper than some of the other air conditioning units to install and they can also easily be retrofitted in rooms eliminating the need for building works or redecoration. Like with all models designed for the domestic home, these units are exceptionally quiet. Our experienced team of surveyors will make sure you choose the correct solution for your environment to ensure minimal noise and maximum performance.

Our models are fully automated and come with optional remote controls  We specialise in fitting premium models by Daikin, Mitsubishi, LG and Toshiba.


Ducted Units for Homes

Our Ducted Air Conditioning Systems are extremely discreet and are almost fully concealed from the room with only small grills being visible.  However these can be the most expensive solutions due to the level of installation required, but they are certainly the most aesthetically pleasing.  You can use ducted home air conditioning systems to cool multiple rooms; however, unfortunately, you cannot have individual room control unless you have multiple ducted systems, if you would like this solution give us a call to discuss your specific requirements.

Ceiling mounted air conditioning unit

The Ceiling-mounted system is relatively subtle but still very efficient  If it is located centrally or in a single direction it can direct air throughout the entire room.  These are perfect for smaller rooms as the units are installed on the ceiling and out of the way they are driven by the thermostat and come with a remote control, they can be used as a single unit or part of a multi-device solution.



Portable Air conditioning

Portable floor standing air conditioning systems enable you to use them throughout the house and move them from room to room.  They are a popular choice as no installation is required with the main benefit being the flexibility of using them in rooms without windows.

With the built-in washable filtration system, Portable conditioning units are excellent dehumidifiers for rooms.

Ceiling cassette

The ceiling cassette is one of the types of ductless mini-split system. In this system, the indoor air handler is installed in the ceiling and not on a wall or floor. All the other components are discreetly hidden away within the ceiling. A ceiling cassette system enables cool air to be distributed from up to four sides of the cassette unit. The ceiling cassette type is considered more powerful compared to the wall-mounted type, this is why is also popularly used in office and commercial environments.


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