Commercial Installation St Albans

Keep your team comfortable and efficient in all types of weather.  If your office temperature is too high, tiredness increases and so does the risk of accidents if the temperature is too low, the levels of concentration will fall.  Give TWFACS a call to control your office environment effectively.

Comfortable workspace

Healthier workspace

Better working environment

To create the optimum working environment, commercial air conditioning and heating systems are essential.  Maintaining a constant temperature of 21 degrees centigrade in the working environment ensures a constant and comfortable working temperature.  Research has proven that by creating this optimum environment staff benefit from up to 20% increased concentration, improved health and general well-being.

Key Benefits of Climate Control in the Workplace

Reduced energy costs

Improved productivity of employees

Improved environmental performance in the workplace

Reduced environmental impact

TWF Air Conditioning Services provide you with the ability to easily control the office climate, room-by-room or as an entire building.  You have the choice of automatic, thermostat or manual controls to provide your staff with the optimum working environment.

We have a whole range of air conditioning systems including larger-scale solutions such as concealed, ducted air conditioning systems which circulate cool air throughout the entire workspace, curtain units for shops and restaurants, our clean room product is for computer systems and we have ducted air conditioning products for large commercial spaces.

Our team of specialists start by conducting a site survey to establish the correct air conditioning solution for you and your premises.  Our priority is to make sure the system chosen is capable of providing the heat or cooling air your room requires.  We have previously found that competitor quotes do not take into account the correct spec to adequately perform the job required.  TWFACS will understand your needs and provide a detailed quote for a system that performs effectively and efficiently.  No matter whether you are an established business or only have architects drawings, we can help. Get in touch today.