The A/A+ energy efficient BLU-12HP portable air conditioner (cooling & heating) will create the ideal conditions for your room all year round. The BLU12HP provides a powerful 12,000Btu/3.5kW of cooling or heating and will cool or heat an area of up to 30 m2.  A built in dehumidifier pulls moisture out of the air to reduce humidity.

The BLU12HP is manufactured to the highest quality which means it is built to last.  The components and materials are of a superior quality which means it is very robust.  The BLU12 is manufactured by one of the leading manufacturers of air conditioning units in the world, using the latest technology and manufacturing processes.

The BLU12HP uses a natural high efficiency gas, propane R290, which has no greenhouse emissions. The natural refrigerant gas is non-toxic, eco-friendly and also offers energy savings. Already respecting the 2020 requirements, you can be sure you are purchasing an air conditioning unit which not only complies but will also last you very many years.

The BLU12HP self-evaporating function reduces the need to regularly empty the water tank The unit recycles approximately half of the condensed water and uses it to cool off the inner cooling coils, which allows the unit to run more efficiently. It then disperses, or evaporates, the remaining water, along with the hot air, via the hot air duct. This cuts out any unnecessary water collecting inside the unit or in an outside container.  Some excess water will be collected in the water tank (due to the humidity in our environment) – the unit will alert you when this needs emptying.

The BLU12HP stands on multidirectional casters which allow easy manoeuvrability of the unit from room to room.  This makes it a truly portable air conditioning unit.

Unit comes complete with a window kit. Window Kit suitable for sash/sliding windows – will not be compatible with all windows


  • 24 hour timer
  • R290 environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • Auto swing
  • A+ energy class
  • Low noise level
  • Cooling and heating
  • Self evaporating system
  • With remote control
  • 1.6m length hose


Cooling Capacity 12000Btu/h
Heating Capacity 12000Btu/h
Energy Class A/A+
Power Supply 1Ph/240v/50Hz
Power Input Cooling 1345W
Power Input Heating 1235W
Rated Current Cooling 7A
Rated Current Heating 7A
Airflow Volume(h/m/l) 360/330/300m3/h
Sound Pressure Level (h/m/l) 53/51/49dB(A)
Outline Dimension (wxhxd) 395/820/405mm
Package Dimension (wxhxd) 390/862/581mm
Net Weight 39kg
Gross Weight 44kg

Ideal Room Use

  • Bedrooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Conservatories
  • Offices
  • Outhouses
  • Gyms