Office Air Conditioning London: Hottest Day On Record?

twfacs office air conditioning london

Today the UK is preparing for potentially the hottest day on record. This morning at 10am the Met Office reported London’s Heathrow airport was at 31.6C. So with temperatures expecting to rise through the roof what can you do?

TWFacs are here to keep London offices cool this scalding summer. Maybe it’s time to check your air conditioning unit is working as it should.
We offer a servicing and maintenance to air conditioning units. You don’t want to be turning it on and discovering it’s not working.

We also provide mobile air conditioning units for a quick and cheaper solution.

Finally, we can provide air conditioning units plus installation. There are a number of factors which must be taken into consideration to ensure your office AC is fully optimised. We offer an initial site survey through to design and air conditioning installation. Your bespoke design will ensure you get the best out of your ac for your budget.

Why is it important?
In high temperatures like this it is vital that staff within offices can work at a comfortable temperature whilst outside there is a heatwave.

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